About Bioprintable


Bioprintable project is an on-line initiative aiming to become an informational data center and a collaborative platform offering integrated solutions for users and professionals related to bioprinting technologies.

The idea of the project was originally conceived in 2016, and later on (2017) both domain names (bioprintable.com and bioprintable.org) were acquired in order to initiate the creation of a prototype for the project. The first phase aims to establish a hub of news, relevant information and data on this topic.

Next phases would focus on implementing functionalities to make grow our database of body parts and services allowing 3D modelers (CAD designers) to directly upload and share their files with the whole community of researchers and developers. Inspired on open source premises and looking to integrate the promising advantages of block-chain technologies, we are confident to achieve a sustainable concept, as well as supporting the evolution of this new field of science, by sharing information of interest.

The ultimate goal of the project is to evolve into a universal and collaborative platform in order to facilitate the search, request and elaboration of 3D models for body implants and organs winch could be materialized through the use of bio-printers. In a near future, users should be able to request (like an -on demand- service) body parts needed for surgical and medical purposes. We envision a future in which people should not wait for organ donors or depend on organ donations to survive, therefor we firmly believe the future of surgery and medicine is Bioprintable.

We are looking for a free-lance journalist who could collaborate by writing articles on subjects like biotechnology and medicine. We offer to publish your articles properly credited with your name and links to your profiles.

If you are interested on this project, or think you could collaborate or contribute in some way, please contact us as soon as possible.