Who we are

Bioprintable is a recently born project aiming to grow as a team of collaborators, contributors, partners and investors. At this early stage, the project is being set by its original creator: Enzo Gianvittorio, who is an enthusiast projectionist and ideas incubator with experience in graphic design, visual branding and marketing strategies. Though not being an  specialist in the area of medicine or bio-technologies, he betting on the amazing possibilities that new technologies are offering nowadays. Determined and confident enough to find out there the right people who could help, contribute, collaborate, or even acquiring the name, in order to properly materialize such an ambitious project.

We are looking for journalists who could write articles on these subjects (bio-technologies, medicine, etc..). We offer you to publish the articles with your name as author and collaborator of this project, as well as links to your profiles etc…

If you are interested on this project, or think you could collaborate or contribute in some way, please contact us as soon as possible.