3D Models of Implants & Organs

Here are some 3D bio-models already available to request or download. These models could replicate body parts or organs that might be needed by doctors, surgeons, bio-technicians or bioprinting specialists.* You can either use our search engine. However, if you are looking for a body part not listed in here, you can visit our 3D CAD Modelers & Artists section to request tailor made 3D models. (*) This section is a growing database in continuous update.

If you are needing a particular model not listed in here yet, please check our 3D-Modelers (CAD artists) section where you’ll find a database of professionals able to help designing a customized (tailor made) body part, implant or organ shape on demand.

Are you a 3D artist who would like sharing an organ model with our community? please contact us and send links to your files or details.